Green like the nature in which our organic holiday farm is immersed, red like the sunset on the hills of the Marche region, and ocher like the fertile land that surrounds Castelplanio.
We look forward to hosting you in this rainbow of colors

Holiday farm

A calm and peaceful atmosphere, a place where you can relax, and enjoy the nature and beauty of our region: this is what you will find at our holiday farm. Simplicity and authenticity for all our guests, with a side dish of biodiversity, quiet, and relaxation.


At our organic holiday farm, you can stay in an apartment, in rooms, or in our campground, equipped with all the necessary amenities for a holiday en plein air or in a tent.

Organic products

The farm is the result of Giancarlo's deep bond with and passion for the land, who takes advantage of the natural fertility of the soil by cultivating the land in an organic way. We will be happy to let you taste our seasonal fruit and vegetables to eat or cook on the spot, based on availability.

In the vicinity

The richness of food and wine traditions, the magnificence of the landscape and the natural environment, and the culture found at the sites of historical and artistic interest: this is what the Marche region offers, just a few kilometers from our holiday farm.